Parents everywhere for decades have been exclaiming to their children to brush and floss their teeth. Dentists do the same, when children go in for routine checkups – but kids generally blow off these words about oral hygiene. Oral hygiene is such an important part of health we need to stay on top of. There are crucial issues that can arise if oral health is neglected. 

The human body is an extremely complex mechanism. The body is easily affected by other complications, as simply as it is to catch a cold from a friend. The blood stream or other severe problems may arise if you do not keep up with basic oral care. Poor oral hygiene has been linked to diabetes, heart disease and other major health impediments.

Our health can be compromised so easily. Without general care for our teeth and gums, we can easily cause gum disease, tooth decay and other complex issues. Daily brushing and flossing guide your oral health in the right direction. 

Brushing your teeth for two minutes for optimal cleaning may seem like a myth, but truly that is how long it takes for a maximum clean. Flossing, as well, should be done nightly because of the amount of plaque and left over food debris it removes from the mouth. Without brushing and flossing, bacteria beings to multiply and tartar starts to form, especially in hard to reach places, which may bring upon gingivitis. Sensitive gums are a serious problem that can turn into much more, so if you are experiencing a tender mouth, schedule an appointment with your doctor for help.

Invest in your oral health today. Do not let something so controllable slip away from you. If you need help relearning proper dental cleaning techniques, do not hesitate to see your doctor for direction and help. Having the right toothbrush and toothpaste for you also aids in good dental hygiene. The selections may be daunting, so this is another thing your dental staff can help you solve. Set up an appointment for your routine checkups and take control of your oral hygiene.