Oral health is extremely important to maintain and without proper care, gum disease can take a turn for the worse. When gum disease forms, bacteria begin to overpopulate in the mouth.

The bacteria along with plaque that is not removed, causes inflammation and irritation of the gums. During this time, your gums become tender to the touch. Generally, this is the time where patients do not want to seek dental attention because of the pain.

The next stage of your gum disease after periodontitis sets in is receding gums, which has the effect of your gums disappearing. This causes more of your teeth to be visible and allows nerves to become exposed. If these are symptoms you are experiencing, along with bad breath, you should see your dentist for oral care. When your nerves come exposed, more pain generally sets in, which is why it is imperative to see your doctor. 

Preventing gum disease isn’t difficult for dentists anymore. The treatments have become so advanced and there are techniques you can do at home. Fluoride is known to be a great home remedy and is extremely helpful at generally keeping your oral health in check. Along with fluoride, toothpastes that are made for sensitive teeth and gums or contains fluoride is a good idea to start using. Brushing and flossing your teeth alone will not take care of all of the gum disease, so going to a dentist is still advised.

Dentists now have technology to help with gum diseases, such as laser treatments. Laser treatments for gum disease allows for a less invasive procedure, with easier recovery. When your dentist decides to use laser treatment, they are using LANAP. LANAP stands for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, which involves no blades or sutures. LANAP is a great procedure for patients because it is minimally invasive and causes less bleeding than typical procedures.

If you are dealing with symptoms of gum disease or in the midst of the disease, see your dentist for a consultation, immediately. They can go over what you should do to rectify your gum issues, and decide whether you would be a good candidate for LANAP.