Just like any infection, oral infections are very serious and need to be treated. Oral infections can be prevalent for many different reasons – from tooth decay to gum disease, bacteria are in the mouth and flourishing. Unfortunately, oral cavities harbor bacteria well, because it is a warm, moist place, which allows bacteria to grow rapidly. If an infection flares up in the mouth, it is important to seek dental treatment to kill the bacteria as early as possible.

Infections usually begin after something changes in the oral cavity. For example, if you undergo an extraction or are battling gum disease, infection becomes beyond common. This occurs because germs are existing in the mouth, or there is room for germs to move into new spaces. Depending on the severity of the extraction, or how badly your soft tissues are being attacked, your dental professional may suggest and prescribe antibiotics.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of facial swelling and/or swollen gums, you should immediately seek dental attention. Another oral issue is major toothaches or bleeding gums. These could be signs of infection beginning, so you should see your dentist for assistance.

Extractions are a major cause of infections because your gums are at the most susceptible point when the site is exposed. Following an extraction, bacteria will be more alive in the mouth more than usual. With an open wound, bacteria begin to enter the site and thrive. With extractions, you also should be careful when brushing your teeth or using mouthwash, as it can disrupt the healing process of the wound. Bacteria will continue to grow because of the lack of being able sterilize your mouth. Sterilization causes the germs and bacteria to halt.

When you experience an oral infection, seeking immediate treatment is necessary. Your dentist will know how to take care of the area, and it is important to stop the infection before it gets more serious and travels into the blood stream. There are many different ways to stop infection, depending on the cause and your doctor will be the perfect person to know how.