If you are suffering from dental anxiety and it is keeping you from seeing the dentist, then you would benefit from dental sedation. Sedation can be used to help calm your dental anxiety, and because your oral health is important if sedation can enable you to seek dental treatment then it is worth a shot.

Sedation Relaxes You
If you suffer from dental anxiety then sedation would be beneficial for you because it allows you to be fully relaxed and calm while you receive dental treatment. Also, because your oral health is connected to your overall health-seeking dental treatment is important and utilizing sedation would be beneficial.

Pain Tolerance
Another common reason why dental patients avoid the dentist is that they don’t want to have any kind of pain. However, because sedation can be used to relax the patient and depending on the type it can even put them under a patient who has a fear of experiencing pain won’t feel any during treatment.

Different Types of Sedation
Thanks to advancements with sedation dentistry there are different types available so that the patient and their doctor can decide which type of sedation would be best for them. For example, if a patient has a fear of needles oral sedation would be the best option. Sedation options match the patient’s needs.

Set Up Your Appointment
If you are suffering from dental anxiety or you would like to learn more about sedation dentistry then it would be very beneficial if you reached out to our office to set up an appointment to learn your options. Contact our Cary, NC offices to schedule an appointment to speak with Dr. DeAngelo.