LANAP laser treatmentKidney disease is a serious matter, and those who are fighting the battle know there are many factors at play. Advanced kidney disease can have patients on dialysis and waiting for a transplant. But did you know that your dental health is extremely important when it comes to fighting and even getting treated for kidney disease? A regular visit to your periodontist could even mean the difference in receiving a transplant.

Gum Health Affects More Than Your Mouth

There have been many studies that have linked oral health to general health in the rest of the body. It is more commonly known that people with gum disease are at a higher risk for heart disease, for example. When you have gum disease, you have a chronic bacterial infection in your mouth that can spread to other parts of the body. It can lead to bad breath, bleeding in the gums, and gum recession, among other issues.

The Effects on the Kidneys

Your kidneys are responsible for filtering out waste from the body, but it is possible for them to fail. People who suffer from kidney disease may experience swelling in the gums and even bone loss in the jaw. Those with kidney disease are also at a higher risk of infection, which is why dental hygiene is so important. To receive a kidney transplant, you must also have proof of your oral health maintenance as gum disease could contribute to the transplant failing.

People with kidney disease must also plan in advance for any dental procedure, even Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, or LANAP®. Dr. Samuel J. DeAngelo can help patients prepare for gum treatment and surgery, but kidney treatment must be taken into consideration to lower the risk of complications.

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Taking care of your teeth is important for your overall health, but it becomes even more important when you suffer from kidney disease. If you are looking to get your mouth back in shape during treatment, contact our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. DeAngelo.