Most diseases in our body don’t come unannounced. In fact, most times many major diseases come with sirens ringing. They usually have various symptoms of all kinds - a blemish before a big pimple, cough or sniffles before the flu, and a fever usually lets you know if there’s something big on the way. Oral health is no different.

There are all kinds of oral health issues that could come up, most commonly cavities, cancer and gum diseases. One of the first signs of a gum disease if when you brush your teeth like you always have but suddenly your gums bruise or bleed. And if you leave this development unattended then you will begin seeing more symptoms, the first of which would most likely be a change in the color of your gums to a more purple or stark red. A classic symptom of gum disease is receding of gums, which is as if your gums are disappearing and more of your teeth is being shown. If you let the receding gums go unchecked, then it won’t be long before gaps start emerging and/or widening between your teeth begin. By this time your breath would start to have an unpleasant odor and an equally bad sense of taste might begin to linger in your mouth.

If you don’t get oral health checkups when your symptoms surface, your teeth would eventually start falling out prematurely after all that. Just remember that prevention is better than cure. There are several simple ways of preventing these health problems that you can take upon individually.

Using fluorides is one thing you can do as it has qualities that drastically push off the chances of cavity or tooth decay. Using toothpastes that explicitly declare that they have good fluoride in them would also be good. Using dental floss to clean in between your teeth after meals, particularly dinner is advised too. And always brush, at least twice a day, morning and night preferred.

If you believe you are exhibiting signs of gum disease, set up a time to meet with your dentist. It is always a safer option to be checked by a professional, than to let go untreated. The longer you wait with developing gum disease, the worse the conditions become.