Is There a Lot of Dental Implant Surgery Pain?

There are quite a few different options when it comes to dental surgery these days, but becoming one of the most popular is dental implant surgery. Before you decide this is the surgery for you, it is important that you are aware of a few things, including the pain that you should expect and how long the recovery time will be.

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Types of Sedation Dentistry

The American Dental Association safeguards that guidelines are followed when providing sedation to patients and that the proper training required is administered to doctors. There are many different anesthetics your dentist can offer, and each combat different pain levels. From laughing gas to IV sedation, here is your guide to how to visit your dentist, anxiety free.

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Symptoms Of Gum Disease

Most diseases in our body don’t come unannounced. In fact, most times many major diseases come with sirens ringing. They usually have various symptoms of all kinds - a blemish before a big pimple, cough or sniffles before the flu, and a fever usually lets you know if there’s something big on the way. Oral health is no different.

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Everyone Should Know About This Link Between Gum Disease and Dementia

Depending on the stage of periodontal disease you have, your treatments may include laser removal of diseased gum tissue, osseous surgery and/or scaling and root planing services.

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Why Gum Treatment Is Important for People With Kidney Disease

When you have gum disease, you have a chronic bacterial infection in your mouth that can spread to other parts of the body. It can lead to bad breath, bleeding in the gums, and gum recession, among other issues.

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For Sugar Awareness Week, Decrease Your Chances of Getting Gum Disease

This January, Sugar Awareness Week falls the week of the 22nd, and we are taking the opportunity to educate our patients about how sugar can affect your teeth and gums, particularly in relation to gum disease.

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Replacing Your Teeth: the Costs of Bridges and Implants

Traditionally, if you were missing a tooth, a dentist may grind down the surrounding teeth and use a bridge to replace the missing one. Now, dentists provide the option of dental implants.

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Live and Feel Younger With Laser Gum Disease Treatment

When gum tissue becomes infected with the bacteria that cause gum disease, overall health can suffer.

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