You Need to Get the Treatment You Deserve Get a healthy mouth now with convenient financing options.

Like many things in life, dental problems and their associated costs only become larger when ignored. Dr. Samuel DeAngelo cares about the affordability of your dental care and offers several solutions to help you get the treatment you need.



Insurance and Financing

We accept a number of insurance plans, and our office staff is committed to helping you determine your eligibility as well as file your insurance claims.  We have a dedicated team member that works with all insurances on a daily basis to make sure that we maximize any and all benefits that you may have.

CareCredit is easy to apply for and offers a credit line for a wide selection of medical care costs. Very often, no-interest financing is available for our services. For more information about CareCredit, go to or contact our office staff.

We also provide our own in-office financing options for up to 12 months or less as part of our commitment to providing quality care to meet the needs of our patients.

Affordable Periodontist Dentist in Cary NC


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The Dangers of Delaying Treatment

Consider as examples replacing missing teeth and treating gum disease. Missing teeth are surely a hassle, but you might think it is a hassle with which you can live. Did you know, however, that missing teeth can lead to bone loss? Bone loss, in turn, can endanger the remaining teeth. Over time, fixing problems with your oral health can really add up and be far more expensive than preventative and early dental treatments. We want you to have fully functioning teeth and a complete smile now, which will also save you money in the long run.

Similarly, the effects of gum disease can be drastically reduced when treated before it moves to advanced stages. Treatments for gum disease and missing teeth have become more effective and in many cases less invasive with the advent of laser gum surgery and a variety of dental implant options.

Whether you need a dental implant, laser gum surgery, or any number of the services we offer, call Dr. DeAngelo’s office today to schedule an appointment or to discuss your personalized treatment plan.

Affordable Periodontist Dentist in Cary NC