Periodontal Plastic Surgery Reveals A Bigger Smile And A Brighter You.

Periodontal Plastic Surgery Crown Lengthening in Cary NC

What Is Periodontal Plastic Surgery?

Periodontal plastic surgery is another name for procedures that involve reducing the extra gum tissue around your teeth, otherwise known as crown lengthening. 

Dr. Samuel DeAngelo is a periodontist who specializes in treatments involving the gums and is happy to offer periodontal plastic surgery in our Cary, NC practice. There are two main types of crown lengthening procedures, both of which are used to improve the appearance of your smile and your oral health.

Esthetic Crown Lengthening

Do you have a “gummy smile?” Does your gummy smile keep you from smiling in pictures and leave you feeling self-conscious when meeting new people? Esthetic crown lengthening is often used to reduce the extra gum tissue around the teeth, giving a smile a wider, brighter appearance. In this simple procedure, Dr. DeAngelo trims away excess gum tissue to expose more of the natural tooth.

This gum contouring can be completed on one tooth, but is often performed on your entire smile. A health benefit of gum contouring is the reduction of pockets depths around your teeth, which helps to control and prevent periodontal disease by decreasing the spaces where bacteria like to hide and multiply.

I have never had a bad experience with you all. Friendly, knowledgeable, and ready to clearly describe procedures and problems. Keep up the good work! - Kathleen K.

Crown Lengthening Can Allow for Tooth Restoration

Functional Crown Lengthening

At times, Dr. DeAngelo may need to reduce the gum tissue around a tooth with a gum contouring procedure called functional crown lengthening. When a tooth has deep decay or is broken below the gum line, Dr. DeAngelo will need to reduce the surrounding gum tissue and bone and expose more tooth structure in order to provide for proper restoration of the tooth.

The Innovative New Lip Stabilization Technique (LipStaT™)

Lip StaT is a plastic surgical procedure that treats the gummy smile. It is a lip repositioning procedure that shortens the amount of gum that is displayed during speaking and smiling. Patients that are hesitant to smile due to being self conscious about their gummy smile are often great candidates.



If you are unhappy with your gummy smile, there is a way to get a brand new, wider smile without needing extensive cosmetic treatment. Reveal the beauty that lies beneath. Call our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. DeAngelo and find out more about your options for periodontal plastic surgery.